Inside Garage B: Venue Manager Q + A

Take five functional glass garage doors and three additional blank walls.  Sprinkle in one amazing Venue Manager and voila!  You’ve got an event venue in the Greater Boston area unlike any other:  Garage B oozes charm, a vintage vibe and a blank-space canvas – the perfect event venue for creating your own personal magic!

To learn more about some of the logistics that happen on Event Day, we’ve asked Jess Burton, a Venue Manager at Garage B, to share her insights on how she ensures that the behind-the-scenes runs smoothly on the day of your event!

What is your role at Garage B?

I am a Venue Manager — the Key Master, if you will!  I have the keys that unlock this magical place.  I meet you onsite and literally open the doors, so your event can begin. I am also your point of contact on the day of your event – this includes during setup, during your event itself, and throughout your event breakdown. Keep in mind that every event is allotted access to the venue for up to 12 hours – plenty of time to set and take down.

Wedding at Garage B, a Boston wedding venue.
Kelly Benvenuto Photography

Is there Garage B staff support during events? What is the Venue Manager’s role during the event? 

Yes! Garage B always has a Venue Manager on site to assist with various venue needs, especially the seemingly little things that no one thinks about – like how the lights work, or what to do if a garage door is giving you trouble. I’m also your go-to if you need assistance with the internal sound system or any other issues that may come up.  One of the best things about Garage B is our staff – we are invested in making sure our event venue is always at its best, so your event is stress-free and memorable – in the right way!  We have your back!   

Corporate event at Garage B, a Boston event venue space.
Sam Books Photos

Will you collaborate with my event planner on the day of my event? 

Absolutely. Event planners are a great option to make sure your event runs smoothly. We work with many great vendors, as well, which are listed on our vendor list. I check in with both your event planner and your chosen vendors throughout the event set-up process, making sure everything is running according to plan. For example, if a fuse is blown, I’m there with a power map to help navigate that and prevent it from happening again. Or if there is a rogue vehicle blocking a catering space, I help get that sorted out!


a red neon sign is one example of creative light design at our event venue

What is one of your favorite events you’ve managed at Garage B? 

Every single event is so individualized and unique, which makes each one special and memorable in its own way.  With that said, one of my all-time favorite events I’ve managed at Garage B was the rock n’ roll wedding for Olivia and Dylan. The incredible hanging floral display was paired with a groovy lounge set-up, a custom neon sign of their dog, and a full production stage for the night’s performers. It was the personal details on the long wooden tables, like having the seating charts as a top 20 music playlist, that transformed the blank-space venue into their own rockin’ event!  That’s another thing that really sets Garage B apart as an event venue – our blank space can be transformed into anything you come up with! 

What are a couple of questions you are asked most often during an event at Garage B? 

During an event, I’m often asked if there is a separate space to get ready in or have a breakout area. The good news is yes – we have The Annex that can be added on to your rental for additional space still on property.  The Annex is an awesome, light-filled space, perfect for getting ready for your event debut!

A photo inside the historic events venue The Annex including the front door on a bright day with the natural light shining on the dark wooden floors.
The Annex @ The Charles River Speedway

Another question I’m often asked is whether or not the garage doors can go up and down during the event. The answer is yes, absolutely!  All five garage doors function like any other door and can be used throughout the event. The raising and lowering of the doors can add a really cool dramatic flair to your event!

We’re Here for You

Garage B is the perfect blank-space event venue for hosting the memorable events in your life.  Our refreshed 1940s garage boasts 3300 square feet, just waiting for you, your friends and family, or your company to play – or work – together.  From weddings, mitzvahs and graduation parties to corporate team building and small business gatherings, Garage B can be transformed into the gathering place you need!  Contact us today to see for yourself.