Mitzvah at Garage B in Boston

Light Up Your Event at Garage B 

Turning up the lights doesn’t mean the end of the party at Garage B — here are a few real event examples with creative light display inside the blank slate venue. 

Dramatic string lights over a dance floor with green borders and Celtics jerseys displayed in the background.
This Bar Mitzvah scored big with the creative lights from the green DJ stage to the spotlights on the jersey locations and the color changing string lights above the dance floor. (photo courtesy of SLY Photography)

One of the best parts of event planning is picturing what your guests will see when they first step foot into your event. There are so many emotions guests can feel on event day — from exhilaration to electrifying. We know a lot of time and energy goes into dreaming up these events and one of the most transformational elements can often get overlooked. Allow us to shine a light on a little creative light display inspiration with a few lighting trends for 2024.  

Garage B is a blank slate event venue in Brighton. The modern industrial venue features five functional garage doors, which allows for plenty of beautiful natural light that shines into the space with the doors open or closed. The dreamy sunlight combined with the concrete floors and the industrial backdrop sets the tone for a lighthearted day-time event. 

Meanwhile, statement lighting can also be used to transform Garage B into a bold and dramatic atmosphere once the sun goes down. Events have displayed colorful neon signs or utilized chandeliers that added a fun and unique element to the event. 

Here are just a few real event examples of how lighting can transform Garage B.

Neon Signs

a red neon sign is one example of creative light design
Olivia and Dylan added a red neon sign of their pup to their wedding at Garage B. (photo courtesy of Vanessa Alves Photography)

Creating a custom neon sign can add a pop of color and a personal touch to your affair. This wedding chose to light up the event space with their dog’s face. These signs compliment the modern industrial vibes inside Garage B and can be displayed leaning against a wall, like in the photo above, or from hanging the trusses along the concrete wall — if the power cord allows. 

Creative Light Displays

Creative lighting design at a event venue
Photo courtesy of SLY Photography

What happens when you combine traditional uplighting with modern projections inside Garage B? A colorful masterpiece. This event added a touch of glamor to the lights with blue and purple uplights, overhead spotlights, and used gobo projectors to cast swirls of white patterns on the walls. The effect paired with the shiny black dance floor and matte black lounge area set the mood for the dance party that ensued. 

Party in Pink

Pink neon lightning bolts add to a event's festivities
An all-pink Bat Mitzvah inside Garage B — say less. (photo courtesy of LENA NUGENT Photography)

This hot pink event inside Garage B was electric with fun energy. As you can see, this event used the overhead lights and rented light up tables, balloons, and accessories to add a fun touch of pink to the party. 

Ready to light up your event at Garage B? Let us know if you have any questions.