Garage B: Boston Photo Shoot Location

Garage B is the ultimate flexible space. Beyond weddings, corporate meetings, and family celebrations, Garage B has also become a sought-after photography shoot location. Brands and location scouts have reached out time and time again to use the event venue for a studio setting, pointing to the open layout, abundance of space, availability of natural lighting, and great location. Our team is ready to provide the space you need for commercial photo shoots, film locations, video production work and more. 

Benefits of using Garage B as a film or photoshoot location


Garage B is an event venue with 3,300 square feet of raw space, featuring operable floor-to-ceiling garage doors along one wall. The space has an “industrial loft” feel.

Location + Parking 

Located in the Brighton neighborhood of  Boston, Garage B is located at the crossroads of Soldier’s Field Road and Western Avenue, and is easily accessible via the Mass Pike. Close to Cambridge, Watertown, and Newton. Parking available on site, and the site is serviced by multiple bus lines, including the 70 and 86 lines, and a short walk (0.7mi) to the Boston Landing Commuter Rail station.

Amenities + Break-out Spaces

Garage B is an event venue within the Charles River Speedway. The Speedway is home to several shops, restaurants and bars situated around a central courtyard. Breakout space is available. 


As an event venue, there is a great deal of flexibility around off-hours availability. Venue is available to rent for the day, or in some cases, multiple days or longer timeframes. 

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